Thursday, April 28, 2016

Why On-board Weigh Scales are a Win for Many Industries

A lot of industries nowadays are using on-board weigh scales. This because on-board truck scales and weighing systems offer greater potential to advance the level of efficiency and throughput in almost any given weighing operation.

On-board Weigh Scales

On-board scales enable the truck driver or equipment operator (depending on the scale's application) to determine the load weight displaced on the unit. These truck scale weighing systems utilize pressure sensors and load cell technology in order to determine the weight directly from the vehicle or equipment itself.

On-board Scales for Optimized Load Management

Determining the 'loaded' weight is quite important for many industries. This is necessary to make sure that the operation would be safely done—and that the company would not be fined for overloading. When the vehicle is operating at its finest payload, running costs are surely minimized and profits are being maximized.

Haul trucks, conveyors, dump trucks, grain carts as well as haul trucks are the equipment in which on-board weigh scales are commonly used. They are used specifically in mining, waste management, and agriculture.

Advantages of On-board Weighing Systems

A lot of industries use on-board weigh scales for a number of reasons. It allows weighing at the loading area which is very convenient for industry owners. The use of this equipment over in-ground scales is advantageous because it eliminates certain costs such as lost service hours, driver wages, and scale fees. All these things result into service efficiency, which builds up the reputation of the industry owner.
On-board weighing systems can be integrated on almost any type
of load bearing equipment, including wheel loaders.

On-board weigh scales also help in ensuring that tippers can be filled up to its maximum capacity without reaching the overloading limit. This is very important because overloading is a huge offense and can result into serious fines and worst accidents.

An on-board weigh scale is often more reliable than other truck scale alternatives. It can cope up with any type of environment. It is inevitable to face mud, water, dust, and other forms of debris because cabling and load cells are both underneath the vehicle—but on-board weigh scales are reliable enough to conquer them. A reliable system also helps in preventing expensive downtime.

Other benefits of on-board weigh scales include the utilization of auto-electric wires to facilitate easy maintenance and a robust digital system without junction boxes to ensure minimal downtime. On-board scales are also backed up by professional network of service engineers. It means that customers can only expect high quality and professional service. A lot of customers have only good words for the useful equipment—and the good standing of their industries can absolutely speak of it.

Industry Leaders in On-board Weighing Scales

While there are a number of manufacturers and suppliers of on-board weighing systems, some names are more notable than others. For those based in the U.S., opting for on-board weighing systems and truck scales from Walz Scale is a sure win. This company offers PFREUNDT systems, which are some of the world's leading systems for on-board weighing.

PFREUNDT On-board Systems
PFREUNDT On-board Weighing Systems

There is no doubt that on-board weigh scales are one of the most significant technological developments for several industries and applications. It continues to meet evolving demands of various industries. PFREUNDT, a German-based engineer and manufacturer, is an industry pioneer of on-board weighing system technology around the world. It has been distributing world-class scales to leading industries for several years now.
Walz Scale On-board Truck Weighing Systems

Walz Scale 

Among the premiere truck scale suppliers that offer on-board weigh scales is the Walz Scale. This company is known for providing heavy-duty truck scales and precision weighing systems for several purposes.

Beyond on-board truck scales and weighing systems, Walz Scale focus on the development of advanced and modern weighing technologies in order to provide excellent service to their customers. Walz Scale supplies thousands of on-board scales all over the world.

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