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5 Mail Processing Machines to Advance Your Mailroom Technology

Efficiency in the mailroom is essential for processing, receiving and delivering both incoming and outgoing mail in a timely and consistent manner. Various factors must be considered while searching for efficiency-driven mailing machines.

Both offline and online businesses often require shipment of mailing, promotions, products and other forms of tangible communications. But, every piece of mail differs, so it is essential to weigh the products in order to get a correct estimate of shipment fees. Different types of mail processing machines are available in the market today.
mail processing machines

Postage rates are calculated by shipping companies on the basis of weight, dimensions of package and location the packages are being shipped from and its destinations. And nobody wants to pay more than required. To pay only the required price for package, you must know the exact weight of the package. You cannot ship the package properly if there is only too little postage. As a result, the package will be returned to the sender.

This will affect the flow of the business and reputation of a company. The sender will be frustrated due to late shipments, wasted time and effort. All business persons want to avoid these types of outcomes. Therefore, mail processing machines have significant role in the mailroom of a business organization. The following five types of mailing machines can be considered if you want to improve the efficiency of your mailroom.

Postage Meters 
Postage Meter

A postage meter is used for printing an official mark or signature on the package or letter to show that the postage has been paid. Business organizations that send out huge amounts of mail on daily basis must have a postage meter.

Postage meters are essential for saving time and energy in administering tasks. Digital postage meters have the ability to access postage as well as the entire suite of mail management information, which include certified mail, e-return receipt, and delivery and signature confirmation. CIDAN Machinery, Martin Yale Industries, BOBST, etc are famous names in this field.

Address Printers 
Address Printers

Right address printer is indispensable for a busy office or mailroom. Besides, it is essential for addressing the outgoing mailed items correctly and neatly. Address printing machines can eliminate the need for purchasing preprinted envelops. Thus, it helps to reduce postage costs. CECAP, Neopost USA, RENA, Pitney Bowes, etc are some of the popular manufacturers for address printers.

Labeling & Tabbing Machines

Efficient labeling and tabbing machines are essential for increasing productivity and reliability in a mailroom. Some of these machines can be able to label up to 15,000 pieces per hour. The needs of small businesses are very less. In such organizations, tabbing and labeling machines can provide finishing touch of professionalism. KT Tabbing machines, RENA USA, Buskro are famous brands.

Postage Scales 

Postage scales are required for ensuring to pay the correct amount for your outgoing mail. Both manual and electronic postage scales are available in the market.

Electronic postage scales are expensive, but they are helpful for reducing errors while reading postage amount. The machine should be selected on the basis of size, weight and type of your packages and letters. WeighMax, Avery Weight-Tronix, DigiWeigh, etc produce good postage scales.

Folding Machines

Efficient and high volume paper folding machines are essential for creating direct mailings, professional brochures, and literature in a snap. This is essential for informing your customers about your business. CIDAN Machinery, Martin Yale Industries, etc can be considered while purchasing folding machines.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Next Generation of Truck Scale Technology

Truck scales comprise of various perpetual, heavy-duty weighing systems which are not only used to weigh vehicles, but the loads in which they carry. Truck weighing scales are most commonly used to weigh heavy commercial trucks on highways, in addition to specialized uses for mining companies, farmers and agricultural producers, public works operations, waste management companies, and others.
 Truck Scale Technology

Just like all other technological advancements, truck scales keep advancing in terms of features offered, level of efficiency, accuracy, and overall functionality. Below are some of the most advanced heavy-duty weighing systems:

In-Motion Axle Scales 
In-Motion Axle Scales

In-motion axle scales are capable of recording the actual weight of trucks while they are still moving. These wheel weigher truck scales are portable and are usually installed on weigh systems designed specifically to weigh semi trucks at weigh stations. They also measure axle and gross weight when the trucks are in highway speeds.

In-motion axle scales are great a great advancement because they increase throughput while reducing stoppage times.They utilize high-end technology comprising of sensors made from quartz crystals which only sense the normal forces acting on them. They therefore don't measure friction and truck’s speed leaving focus only on the trucks' weight.
These advanced truck weight scales are a very cost effective method of monitoring heavy duty trucks traveling over highways. They also are long-lasting and flexible having been made using very durable materials. They can withstand even the harshest conditions for example in mining and can be adjusted to incorporate greater options to better suit specific conditions of operation.
heavy-duty truck weighing system

On-board Truck Scales

Readout Display for On-board Truck Scales
On-board truck scales are designed with in-built modules installed around the truck’s axles and frame. Based on pressure sensors and hydraulics, these systems are capable of directly calculating load weight from the trucks while they are moving. On-board truck scales offer advantages by monitoring the changes in the electrical resistance produced by the strain created by the load. This enables operators and drivers to know the truck weight at any point in time, providing the ultimate weighing system for efficiency and convenience.

On-board weighing systems can be customized to match specific company's weighing requirements, but their basic design wires the system through the truck ignition switch and the display. The wiring makes sure there is instant application. The system gets actives once the truck gets ignited and drivers can't alter anything without proper authorization. The drivers monitor the truck load using the display while alarm tones are in place to warn them when their trucks surpass the standard weight.

To see one of the most impressive displays of on-board weighing systems for trucks, loaders, conveyors, and other types of load-bearing equipment, see the on-board weighing systems at
portable volumetric load scanner system

Volumetric Load Scanner Systems

The load volume scanner is a laser scanning system that is capable of generating and displaying volumetric 3D images which are be used to convert volume metrics into weight metrics.

The load volume scanners are completely different from other forms of weighing technology in that they don't weigh loads directly, but rather use volumetric scanning to generate 3D images of the payloads.

With basic inputs defining material density and the general weight per cubic metric, these system can scan volume data and convert it to weight. Load volume scanners have software-integrated solutions which allow operators and truckers to manage all loads from their excavators or heavy duty vehicles.

load volume scanner material inputsThe load volumetric scanner system provides high definition in-motion images at the fingertips of operators. These systems are highly accurate, very fast and simple to install.

Farmers, agricultural producers, mining industries and large produce businesses can use this to easily determine the actual weights of loaded trucks.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Next Generation of Advanced Security System Technology

security systems technology
The last few years have witnessed great developments in security system technology. This has been as a result of increase in crime incidences being reported daily whereby it has become prudent for home and business owners to invest heavily on security system technology. Here are such recent security system technology advancements.

Motion & Body Heat Detectors

These detectors work by simply looking for body hear from a moving bodies and communicating it with the Main control that activates the alarm sytems.

These detectors are perfectly calibrated that they can between humans beings and small animals such as cats and dogs. This means that there will never be a false alarm. They can be used both indoors and outdoors. They are installed in a perimeter wall around a home whereby they can scan for up to thirty five feet in any given weather.

A great advancement in these detectors is that they can now detect carbon monoxide gas. The gas is so poisonous that it can be leaked into a building from a faulty container to kill residents as they sleep. It is colorless and odorless and may be very hard to detect without carbon monoxide detectors.

Remote Home Security System Integration

home security systems technology
Remote home security system integration utilizes programs that allow homeowners to monitor the security of their homes remotely, using a computer or a smartphone. These programs even allow home owners to control other devices such as adjusting the thermostat, control the lights and arming and disarming the security system.

Self-monitoring is another feature of home security integration. This allows home owners to save money without compromising the safety of their homes. This system sends a text or an email to homeowners anytime someone disables the alarm. Some can even look at the situation themselves to determine whether something appears suspicious and alert the authorities if necessary.

Wireless Security Systems

These systems are very easy to install as they require no drilling on the walls. They are portable, cheap and perfect for renters as they are easy to be moved to new houses. They are also easy to use and most can be purchased without having to sign a contract with an alarm company.

In case of a security emergency, these systems can easily determine the nature of the emergency and point directly to the affected area. These systems act as a powerful deterrent to crime, allowing one to record all events at home or monitors staff and events at home. The systems also come with one (or even two) way audio that allows one to remotely communicate with friends and family while checking on them.

Keyless Door Locks & Biometric Access Control

biometric security systems technology
Most people hide the keys to their doors somewhere in the compound, just in case a family member gets locked out. But thanks to the new technology of keyless doors, homeowners won’t be require to undertake this dangerous practice. Instead of locking their doors with a key, owners are only required to create a code to gain access to their premises. The code can be changed easily any time they suspect the code has been identified by a third party.

Parallel to keyless locks are new and advanced forms of access control, specifically systems that use biometrics to allow only authorized individuals access a certain part of a building or property. Biometric access control systems center on fingerprint and eye/retina recognition, but we can expect to see more innovative systems in the near future.

FLIR FX™ Thermal Security Cameras

FLIR FX security systems technology
FLIR FX™ Thermal Security Cameras are one of the most advanced wireless cameras that have completely transformed the security system industry. It allows one to keep a close eye on his/her property from anywhere, any place. The camera is equipped with high tech features that puts it a step ahead of all other options in the market. Such features that come with FLIR FX™ Thermal Security Cameras include Wi-Fi connectivity, 1080p HP, SmartZone and RapidRecap among other features.

FLIR Thermal Security Cameras are also dust and waterproof implying that it can be used in all weather conditions. It stores footages in cloud for thirty days. It is also equipped with motion sensing technology to detect intruders. One can watch footages of his/her property from their devices at any time.

To find virtually all of these security systems, visit Peoria security systems supplier Seico Security for all of your security system needs:

Seico Security
132 Court Street
Pekin, IL 61554

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5 Advancements in Industrial Barcoding Technology

industrial barcoding technologyIndustrial barcoding technology has witnessed notable advancements over the past several years. These advancements have significantly helped to streamline, automate, and enhance various operations involved with barcode printing, scanning, and related tasks associated with inventory management, logistics, and distribution.

From cutting-edge barcode scanners and readers to progression in today's industrial barcode sensor technology, below are five advancements that define the evolution of industrial barcoding technology.

1. Advanced Symbology

The underlying data matrix of industrial barcoding technology has seen a great improvement in barcodes as it allows manufacturers to trace products easily, and that they are error-proofed. The two dimensional encoding is an improvement from its 1D cousin since it has the ability to represent more data.

Of the various matrix codes available, QR codes find a greater use as they can encode complex patterns including the Japanese Kana and Kanji characters. These camera-based decoders have greatly eased production besides reducing the physical risk exposed to employees who used previous technologies.

2. Barcode Scanner Efficiency

The advancement of encoding technology has led to the development of more reliable and efficient industrial barcode scanners. Unlike laser scanners, digital industrial barcode readers can decode both one -dimensional and 2D barcodes in any direction. They are also used for capturing and transferring images, which facilitates easy capture of signatures.
 industrial barcode readers

 Area imagers are the choice devices for reading Direct Part Marking codes in production lines. As a result, area imagers have become significant for decoding critical tracking information and in inventory management. In this case, direct parts marketing/DPM readers play a vital role in cultivating greater efficiency for inventory tracking and management.

3. Precision & Flexibility

Contemporary industrial imagers adequately overcome the challenges of decoding poor quality barcodes. They are better suited for closer range barcodes, especially the 2.5 mil codes. Linear imagers find a wider industrial application than laser scanners due to their better scan time of poor quality labels. Low quality images are a challenge to laser scanners, which often substitute unclear data. On the other hand, linear imagers do not generate code substitutions. Linear imagers have higher scan rates, typically between 200 and 800 scans per second compared to 50 sps in laser decoders.

Solid-state electronics have seen a smooth transition from bulky scanners to portable and handheld barcode decoders. This has made it easy to scan bulky items without the need for lifting. Cordless scanners that make it easy to scan items across a store for inventory purposes. Due to their solid-state nature, imagers are more reliable than lasers. The latter produce a moving spot through a combination of moving mirrors which lowers their suitability in warehouse applications.

4. Sensor Technology

Like other digital detectors in the market, most linear imagers use charge-coupled-device components for detection. However, Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor detectors are finding a broader application due to their reliability and low power consumption. An improvement to this technology is the Active Pixel CMOS Sensors, components that combine the digital processor and the light sensor in one chip. In effect, APS CMOS sensors are smaller, consume less power, and are more reliable than CCD and CMOS sensors.

5. Media Compatibility

The ability to synchronize barcode information with other media in real time is a milestone achievement in industrial barcode scanner technology. Most scanners are adapted for direct connection to a computer through a USB port, and are compatible with typically all operating systems. Depending on the area of application, the scanner software may support automatic download of product details such as name, price, and date of manufacture.

Most barcode scanner software is customized to allow the addition of items in a collection and post classifieds to the internet by simply scanning a barcode. This technological advancement makes online publishing easier and enables faster comparison of product details with related items.

3 Bush Hog Flex Wing Cutters Evolving The Industry Standard

Bush Hog flex wing cutters are equipped with features that make them second to none. Bush Hog's line of flex wing cutters is dependable, rugged and built to last as these machines are designed for reliability, value and performance.
Bush Hog Flex Wing Cutters

With a Bush Hog flex wing cutter, you are sure to always complete your mowing project in record time. Below, you will find the top three Bush Hog Flex Wing Cutters that are evolving the industry standards.

Bush Hog 1812 Flex Wing Cutter

The Bush Hog 1812 cutter is designed for small tractors with a horsepower of between 50 and 75. It has a narrow cutting width of about 12 feet making it ideal for rolling terrains that cannot be attended to by cutters with wide cutting widths. The cutter is therefore perfect for orchids and other small gardens that need to be cut into small pieces.
Bush Hog 1812 Flex Wing Cutter

The Bush Hog 1812 flex wing cutter is equipped with strong performance features that give it a superior sense of reliability. It has a single hydraulic hose standard for lifting. Oil sight gauges on all its gearboxes allow for easy and quick monitoring of oil levels.

Superior construction features make the cutter strong and durable. All axle arms on the center section have rubber cushions that absorb all shock loads near the wheels. The Bush Hog 1812 flex wing cutter is also equipped with highway lights for safe highway travel. This is also one of the more popular flex wing models, making it easy to acquire Bush Hog flex wing cutter parts for the 1812 model when repairs are needed.

Bush Hog 2815 Flex Wing Cutter

The Bush Hog 2815 is the easiest cutter to services that has features that maximize durability and performance in all its applications. The cutter is unmatched in performance, speed, durability and reliability whether in pasture maintenance, roadside cutting or stalk shredding.
Bush Hog 2815 Flex Wing Cutter

Its outside edges are turned 45 degrees to avoid ground contact that can damage its sidebands. A powder coating prevents wear and tear and rusting. Lube drive lines on the cutters are easy and quick to service. All wing and CV drivelines align for quick location of the grease points.

The Bush Hog 2815 flex wing cutter offers optional crop/grass baffles that provide for improved distribution in corn and grass stalk shredding. Central bridges properly align with center section blades to cut out even the bottom of ditches. Improved designs on the side bands means that damage from sideband-ground collisions is minimized.

Bush Hog 3815 Flex Wing Cutter

The Bush Hog 3815 is the heaviest cutter from Bush Hog that is designed for tough conditions. It is recognized by large farm owners and contractors as the only flex wing cutter that can cut perfectly even on the toughest terrains.
Bush Hog 3815 Flex Wing Cutter

The Bush Hog 3815 flex wing cutter has special blade pan carriers with durable and strong stump jumper. It has a new gearbox design that is more torque and with a high horsepower. The pivot hitch on the cutter provides for ease in hooking up.

Independent suspension on the cutter means there is no need to move parts. The Bush Hog 3815 cutter has a safety cover that is easily accessible for servicing. It has five strong rubber tires as well as a shock absorbing system on each of its wheel.

Bush Hog provides its cutters with a one year warranty. These warranties cover for defective workmanship and materials on the cutters. All the above discussed flex wing cutters are available at the most competitive prices in the industry. If you need replacement parts, blades, and components, check out the Bush Hog parts at German Bliss. There you can find Bush Hog mower parts, rotary cutter parts, tiller parts, and more.

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In-Motion Axle Scales: The Next Generation of Portable Weighing System

Weighing technologies are rapidly advancing. Traditionally, trucks and vehicles (and their loads) are usually weighed while stationary, often on large platform scales or axle weighing pads. However, truck scale technology is dramatically changing as with some new cutting-edge weighing systems, is now possible to accurately weight of a moving vehicle at slow speeds. The primary game-changer of this technology are in-motion axle scales, which are being spearheaded by Walz Scale, a leading and globally recognized supplier of truck scales.
in-motion axle scales
These in-motion weighing systems are expected to be the future of truck scales and load weighing systems. In addition to enabling operators to weigh trucks and their loads more efficiently, and "on-the-fly," the other primary advantage of in-motion axle scales is that they offer is that they make use of wireless data communications and this allows for measurements to be carried out creating any physical hurdles.

In-motion Axle Scale CasePortability & Convenience of In-motion Axle Scales 

Axle scales are very vital tools which help to minimize overloading on roads. Most weighing systems will solely put much focus on the basic weight of a moving vehicle however the good thing with in-motion axle scales is that the weights for the wheel and the axle are well taken into consideration. There are many axle and wheel weighing solutions which have been designed and each of these systems have been developed to accurately capture and give out the right weight of the given vehicle being weighed.

One model of in-motion axle scales that's gaining traction in the industry is the AXW-Series In-Motion Axle Scale from AgWeigh. AgWeigh is branch of Walz Scale that specializes in various types of static and portable trucks scales for farmers and ag producers. Learn more about this advanced portable truck scale at

In-motion axle scale technology is designed to allow vehicles to be weighed directly while they are still in the traffic without causing any disruption or stoppages in the traffic. Overloading does pose a serious threat to road conditions and can even cause harm to the vehicle itself. Generally it is expected that when a given load exceeds the permitted maximum several adverse effects may follow. For instance overloaded trucks do become less stable as a result of the increased center of gravity height.

In addition braking systems of vehicles are designed so as to accommodate only the indicated allowable load. This therefore implies that any excess weight will lead to a reduced working capacity of the braking system and even induce further damage. Overloading also causes vehicles to become underpowered and this can greatly increase the chances of experiencing tire blow ups due to overheating and the other resulting consequences can even get worse.

Types of In-motion Axle Scales

There are primarily three types of in-motion axle scales and these do include high speed, low speed and portable weigh in motion scales. The high speed weigh-in-motion scale is usually connected to the loop detectors, weight sensors and other control units which are placed on the cabinets beside the road. The high speed weigh in motion scales are generally preferred because of their ability to weigh vehicles while moving and this help to reduce any hindrance which might reduce the traffic flow.
axle scale

Low speed weigh-in-motion scales are applied where there is need to accurately determine the vehicle weights as provided by any possible legal obligation. This kind of system usually comprises of the scale programs, a computer and weight indicators. The third category of weigh-in-motion scales are the portable ones and are mostly applied to provide accurate weights for large vehicles which are off the road.

Compared to the high speed and low speed weigh-in-motion axle scales the portable ones are usually ideal to be used in certain situations like bad weather or on a bad terrain. A suitable example of a portable weigh-in-motion axle scale mentioned above is the AXW-Series Axle Scale from AgWeigh. It is built using aluminum; a light weight material which greatly enhances portability. You can rent this portable truck scale from Walz Scale for short-term use.

Monday, January 11, 2016

The Evolution of Cubing & Dimensioning Systems

Cubing and dimensioning systems have significantly progressed over the past several years. Now, cubing and dimensional weighing and scanning systems offer a wide array of features designed to make procedures efficient and accurate.
Cubing Systems Dimensioning

Applications of Cubing Systems

Cubing systems are used to automatically capture and record the dimensions of packages to allot the right details to the item prior to shipment. Shipping companies like FedEX and UPS make use of these dimensioning systems to best determine the cost of packages before being shipped as well as the amount of space they will be occupying in the freight. With this, companies are in the position to make good use of their facilities and ship as many packages as technology will allow based on cubing calculations.

There are currently numerous cubing systems available in the market today, each one equipped with distinct features designed to meet the specific needs of the user. Before, the weight and dimension measurements were done separately but advances nowadays have made the process much more efficient with zero need for human intervention.

Advancements in Cubing & Dimensioning Technology

So what exactly are the new cubing and dimensioning systems of today capable of doing? Below are just some of the advances business entities can take advantage of:

In-Motion Cubing & Dimensioning
In-Motion Cubing & Dimensioning

Unlike dimensional weight scanner systems of the past, perhaps the best advancement today are in-motion dimensioning systems which don’t require packages to stop in order to measure their weight and dimensions. Operating with laser-like precision, the package simply passes through the cubing unit without stopping and the unit manages to obtain all the precision needed in that split second. This helps increase the productivity of the company with no idle-time in between for readings.

Automated Carton Selection

There are also units that measure products and automatically match it with the proper package for delivery purposes. No need to waste time looking for that specific box for a particular product the cubing system can do this without any fault.

Cargo Freight Forwarding

For companies who ship internationally or even locally, dimensional weighing scales and cubing systems are capable of generating freight-ready information for quick-approval shipment. Containing weight, dimension, and even tracking numbers it would be so easy for companies to track every single package as it zooms through continents.
dimensional scanner system
This is a dynamic dimensional scanner system that determines the dimensions and weight of large pallets.

Receipt and Slot Features

Cubing systems are also equipped with the capture of tracking numbers and other information necessary to ensure that the product is well accounted for from the time it leaves the company to the time it reaches the intended recipient.

Scanning of Irregular Dimensions

Dimensioning systems are also capable of measuring products that are of irregular packaging. Cartons aren’t all in a boxed format and the system can be programmed to take into account products that are far from the typical shape and match them with proper packaging.

Installation and Integration

Cubing systems aren’t all big. In fact, many of those today are built small and may be installed to an existing conveyor belt. Incredibly easy to use, you’ll find that there are different types depending on the heaviness of your intended transactions.

Of course, those are just some of the advancements in cubing and dimensional weighing systems With constantly improving industries with an end towards efficiency, it isn’t surprising to find more cubing systems packed with additional features.