Monday, May 23, 2016

The Evolved Warehousing Solutions of Today's Top 3PLs

The third-party logistics sector has experienced dramatic advancements in the last five year alone, particularly with respect how warehousing solutions have evolved

Today’s global third-party logistics (3PL) companies are going beyond the typical transportation and delivery of goods and services. A complete 3PL service provider specializes in areas of expertise like complete transportation management, warehousing or provision of storage space, reporting, forecasting, freight billing, and auditing and much more.

A full-service 3PL company will provide distribution and supply chain management solutions across various industries. For instance, global warehousing by 3PL companies has gained a lot of popularity as the need for stock pre-positioning grows to prompt clients to seek for faster response for emergencies.

Further, all operations are done by the use of computer-based solutions through sophisticated software that makes management and planning efficiently. Additionally, competent and highly skilled personnel are employed for the effective running of warehousing operations.

Customized Packaging Solutions & Customer Flexibility

3PL companies providing warehousing services often offer custom storage solutions. They offer specialized storage facilities that suit different needs of products to be stored before transportation.

Most 3PL companies offer repackaging services, seasonal adjustments, product assembling and labeling among others. For instance, North American 3PL company, United Facilities, Inc. provides all of these custom packaging and distribution solutions, and as a result, is known as one of the most flexible logistics companies in the world.

All these are meant to safeguard and add value to the product in question. Moreover, other great 3PL companies go to an extent of designing how the product will reach the final customer.

Bonding & Insurance

Professional handling of goods is another notable characteristic that defines today's 3PL warehousing. Insurance is meant to add customer confidence and ensure complete peace of mind. Such types of warehousing insurance services include cargo insurance, warehouse legal liability insurance, workers compensation and general liability. 

Insurance is vital to protect clients against damages during transport.
In the case of damages, particularly any damages during transport, clients then launch their claims for compensation. Any party that uses 3PL service must ensure that their goods are bonded and insured.

Quality Stock Control & Movement

One of the biggest advantages that places the warehousing solutions of today's 3PL companies over general warehousing is their smooth stock control measurements. With the current fast paced changing customer needs, there is a need for the proper establishment of lead-time availability of every single product availed on the market. By ensuring weekly and monthly stock balances and reports, most businesses have enjoyed smooth and reliable running of operations.

Furthermore, most other companies go further to provide record keeping for non-stock items from suppliers and other parties. They use vital documents such as the stock card, bin cards, consignment notes, delivery notes and much more to ensure smooth movement of stock items.

Cost Reduction

With the technological advancement, recent 3PL companies have come up with custom solutions that aim at reducing the logistics, processing, distribution, and management costs of their supply chain management. Through their modern techniques, customers can, therefore, expect to pay less amount than conventional logistics providers.

3PL Logistics Cost Reduction Tracking
These logistical cost reduction efforts has helped cut out the traditional labor-intensive techniques. They use modern equipment that saves both labor and keeps operating costs at bay. Cost reduction is a major factor that a business must consider before hiring a 3PL company for warehousing.


The need for property safety arises day after day. This is why most recent 3PL companies have put in place efficient tracking services to keep clients informed and educated. the use of logistics-focused tracking benchmarks, strategies, and software is a great stride in the 3PL warehousing sector.

Warehousing is the core competence of every third party logistic company. Most businesses have now outsourced most of their operations to 3PL companies not only for transportation but also for full supply chain management warehousing included. They have added more flexibility to such businesses hence making most transactions easier. Listed above are the features and qualities one must consider in a 3PL company.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Technology Supporting Today’s Most Advanced Security Systems

Advanced Security Systems
The 2013 Boston Marathon Bombing resulted in a huge investigation which revealed numerous gaps in security, thus spawning attention to greater private security systems.

Since then, the security system industry has exploded as technology leads the way in breaking down barriers and increasing effectiveness in the most mundane of security features. Today, home security systems are as advanced as professional systems and more accessible than ever before.

Digital IP Surveillance Cameras

One of the most exciting developments has been in the field of digital IP surveillance cameras. Traditional surveillance has relied on analog CCTV which requires a dedicated digital video recorder on site but camera development as outgrown the capabilities of this traditional surveillance system. IP Camera’s send and receive data via a computer network and the Internet.
Digital IP Surveillance Cameras

There are two kinds of digital IP surveillance cameras: centralized IP cameras which need a network video recorder (NVR) to control the video recording and alarm system, and decentralized IP cameras which have a built-in recording function and can record the video directly onto an SD card, NAS, or a computer/server.

Camera technology has lunged forward in capability and this is seen most easily through digital IP surveillance cameras. They are capable of recording and seeing color in near darkness without any supplemental light, they can process blinding light and dark shadows to produce a clear picture regardless of the environment which allows constant accurate security to take place 24 hours a day.

These options were once only available through professional contract corporate security providers but today can be bought through amazon for as little as $249 USD. Security system companies like Seico Security offer these security systems with custom integrated capabilities.

Advancements in Home Security Systems

In today’s home security systems market, a single family can have the same amount of physical and digital security as a large corporation at a dramatically cheap price. Many of today’s home security suites offer motion detector, entry sensors, sirens, and IP camera’s that all interconnect through the internet to a central hub.

Some home security systems such as GetSafe offer a centralized and secured hub which will manage all of the aforementioned systems. With nothing more than an mobile app on your smartphone, you can wirelessly monitor every aspect of your home security system, automated locking schedules, and these features have become standard for most providers. MyAccess home security system is a great example of platform with such capabilities.

Integrated Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR)

Along with the IP Cameras, there is also the Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR) camera. The FLIR have traditionally been used by military and civilian aircraft because of their thermographic and infrared sensing capabilities, but the cost of producing FLIR cameras have decreased to the point that they are purchasable by anyone who wishes to include these capabilities into their security systems.

FLIR produces a wide range of FLIR cameras for both personal use and for emergency services; the thermal sensing capabilities are an incredible advantage for black environments that result from extreme weather conditions where an IP sensors can become swamped in “noise” such as falling debris, heavy snow or rain conditions, and harsh environments. These cameras capabilities have also extended into being able to sense chemical environments, radiation, biological, and even explosive devices.
Web-based Security Systems

Web-based Security Systems

Today’s security technology has grown in allowing decentralized monitoring through the internet. Whether you are sitting in the building in question or halfway across the world, you can monitor the security system with a simple WiFi connection.

Protecting this connection from outside intrusion and manipulation is important; one of the ways this is accomplished is by the user pre-approving, or pairing, specific devices to the security system. This means that only devices, computers, or specified people can receive alerts, change settings, receive alarms, or shut the system down.

In the end, the growth and accessibility of security systems continue to grow and become more refined with each passing day. There is no limit to how fast or far security will progress in keep our homes and our business secure and safe.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Peoria Technology Firm Launches New Website Design Division

Facet Technologies, Inc., which has been catering to the technology needs of Central Illinois since 1989, recently unveiled Face Web Tech as a new division to its existing repertoire. The new web design branch of Facet Tech will serve the commercial landscapes of Peoria, Pekin, Peru, Bloomington/Normal and Farmington. Facet Web Tech intends to focus on offering web design and development; website virus removal and hacker recovery; and software development services.

There's a reason why businesses of the Peoria area can put a high degree of trust in Facet Tech's family of companies. With Facet Tech focusing on a specific niche in technology and IT solutions for the last two decades, the company has grown to now operating a number of Nerds on Call computer shops throughout central Illinois. And now, the company has just raised the currents on Facet Web Tech, it's custom web design boutique serving Peoria, IL and surrounding communities.

Learn more about this new Peoria web design company at, or read on to get an overview of what this new organization has to offer.

Creative, Custom, & Effective Web Design
Web Design

For each web design project, the specialists of the company provide custom graphics, logos, and websites that focus on increase conversion rates, whether that be generating new leads from the website or acquiring new social media followers (or both).

Protect Your Website & Your Digital Assets

Apart from web development, Facet Web Tech also offers custom software solutions and website clean-up for sites and software platforms that may be corrupt. acet also specializes in ensuring the security of its clients' websites. This is made possible with an experienced team of computer technicians, web developers, and IT support experts who are adept in web security and protecting their clients websites.

Digital Marketing & Cultivating a Web Presence

The evolution of technology is something businesses should embrace. Not only can you leverage effective web design and software development solutions with Facet Web Tech, but the company is well-connected with some of the area's leading providers of SEO and Internet marketing.

Digital marketing is integral when it comes to investing in a high-performing web presence. Facet is able to harmonize talents to craft amazing websites supported by some of the nation's top IT consultants and support experts.

The Facet Tech family of brands does not subscribe to the corporate culture. Instead, they are family-oriented operation that is driven by a passion for doing things righteously and make a difference. Facet's Peoria web design company, Facet Web Tech isn't just looking to build you a beautiful website, but rather, help cultivate your web presence and grow your business.