Monday, May 23, 2016

The Evolved Warehousing Solutions of Today's Top 3PLs

The third-party logistics sector has experienced dramatic advancements in the last five year alone, particularly with respect how warehousing solutions have evolved

Today’s global third-party logistics (3PL) companies are going beyond the typical transportation and delivery of goods and services. A complete 3PL service provider specializes in areas of expertise like complete transportation management, warehousing or provision of storage space, reporting, forecasting, freight billing, and auditing and much more.

A full-service 3PL company will provide distribution and supply chain management solutions across various industries. For instance, global warehousing by 3PL companies has gained a lot of popularity as the need for stock pre-positioning grows to prompt clients to seek for faster response for emergencies.

Further, all operations are done by the use of computer-based solutions through sophisticated software that makes management and planning efficiently. Additionally, competent and highly skilled personnel are employed for the effective running of warehousing operations.

Customized Packaging Solutions & Customer Flexibility

3PL companies providing warehousing services often offer custom storage solutions. They offer specialized storage facilities that suit different needs of products to be stored before transportation.

Most 3PL companies offer repackaging services, seasonal adjustments, product assembling and labeling among others. For instance, North American 3PL company, United Facilities, Inc. provides all of these custom packaging and distribution solutions, and as a result, is known as one of the most flexible logistics companies in the world.

All these are meant to safeguard and add value to the product in question. Moreover, other great 3PL companies go to an extent of designing how the product will reach the final customer.

Bonding & Insurance

Professional handling of goods is another notable characteristic that defines today's 3PL warehousing. Insurance is meant to add customer confidence and ensure complete peace of mind. Such types of warehousing insurance services include cargo insurance, warehouse legal liability insurance, workers compensation and general liability. 

Insurance is vital to protect clients against damages during transport.
In the case of damages, particularly any damages during transport, clients then launch their claims for compensation. Any party that uses 3PL service must ensure that their goods are bonded and insured.

Quality Stock Control & Movement

One of the biggest advantages that places the warehousing solutions of today's 3PL companies over general warehousing is their smooth stock control measurements. With the current fast paced changing customer needs, there is a need for the proper establishment of lead-time availability of every single product availed on the market. By ensuring weekly and monthly stock balances and reports, most businesses have enjoyed smooth and reliable running of operations.

Furthermore, most other companies go further to provide record keeping for non-stock items from suppliers and other parties. They use vital documents such as the stock card, bin cards, consignment notes, delivery notes and much more to ensure smooth movement of stock items.

Cost Reduction

With the technological advancement, recent 3PL companies have come up with custom solutions that aim at reducing the logistics, processing, distribution, and management costs of their supply chain management. Through their modern techniques, customers can, therefore, expect to pay less amount than conventional logistics providers.

3PL Logistics Cost Reduction Tracking
These logistical cost reduction efforts has helped cut out the traditional labor-intensive techniques. They use modern equipment that saves both labor and keeps operating costs at bay. Cost reduction is a major factor that a business must consider before hiring a 3PL company for warehousing.


The need for property safety arises day after day. This is why most recent 3PL companies have put in place efficient tracking services to keep clients informed and educated. the use of logistics-focused tracking benchmarks, strategies, and software is a great stride in the 3PL warehousing sector.

Warehousing is the core competence of every third party logistic company. Most businesses have now outsourced most of their operations to 3PL companies not only for transportation but also for full supply chain management warehousing included. They have added more flexibility to such businesses hence making most transactions easier. Listed above are the features and qualities one must consider in a 3PL company.

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