Tuesday, March 22, 2016

3 Tips for Leveraging Web Design to Improve SEO

In today's digital age, SEO and web design are essential partners. Each one should function well so the whole process will succeed. It is not enough that the website has a good design; it must also be optimized so people can easily locate the site.

In order to achieve a well-crafted balance between SEO and web design, there are techniques that can be applied. Here are they:

Ensuring SEO-friendly Web Development

To ensure that you have an SEO-friendly web development, you need to index your site’s pages. You can do such thing by linking your product back to your site. You must also facilitate seamless HTML coding structures. Make sure that the most significant content of your website is in HTML text format so it can be easily recognized by search engines.

You can check this by utilizing tools like SEO-browser.com, CachedView.com, and the Mozbar. It is also necessary to ensure that your site has a quick loading speed. All these can be performed by an experienced and knowledgeable web designer, so you need to find someone who can do the job for your site.

Crafting a Responsive Website

Since web design and SEO go hand in hand, it is not enough that your site is optimized. Your web design should also be responsive. It means that it should provide the best viewing experience. A well-crafted and responsive website facilitates an easy navigation and reading; it just also requires minimum resizing.

Mobile-friendly sites are significant to mobile SEO. The visitors would be more attracted to visit a site that is also responsive to mobile devices. Concepts of a responsive website include flexible images, proportion-based grids, and CSS3 media queries, keeping your business top of mind with your audience.

Conversion Funneling

Another technique that you can use is conversion funneling. So, let us first define conversion funnel. It refers to the pathway a site visitor would undertake from going into the site until the final checkout phase. Conversion is the term used to refer to the end result of site visitors. Meanwhile, funnel pertains to the pathway undertaken in order to arrive at the end result.

Conversion funneling is a significant technique in fueling an online business. It needs adequate attention in order to prevent the site visitors from not going back to the site anew. In spite of exerting necessary efforts and putting in more funds, your website can still slow down if you do not perform conversion funneling well. There are techniques that you can follow in order to ensure that you’re doing it well. Make sure that you do not require your visitors to do more than 3 clicks before they can enter the site.

This can lead the visitor to look for other sites. You should not also ask for too much information from your site visitors if you don’t want them to lose interest in your site. Use Call-to-Actions in order to ensure that site visitors know what to do in the event that they want to purchase your product, or want to ask some questions. This can definitely help in your goal to reach out to your site visitors.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Cubing Systems: 3 Leading Companies for Cubing & Dimensional Weighing Products

Cubing Systems Conveyor
Various suppliers and manufacturers deal with the advanced cubing systems and the dimensional weighing products on the market. Unless you choose the right supplier and/or manufacturer, you may not get the right products for your warehouse and shipping needs. With the diverse dealers available on the market, here is a look at the top three cubing system companies.

Dimensional Weighing

This is one of the most respected companies in the market. The cubing systems at Dimensional Weighing are effective, fully-automated, and dependable. These systems help to simplify the shipping and logistics process. They have also been designed to handle different package aspects of dimension and limit the costs of operations.

The in-motion cubing systems are well-developed and they are mostly designed for the conveyors. This system works perfectly with the conveyor belt. The innovative technology used helps to integrate the system with the logistics and the shipping operations.
 in-motion cubing systems

These in-motion cubing systems apply the laser technology for accuracy. This way, the system allows you to minimize the margin for errors and further losses. The laser technology also works faster than the regular systems, which helps to save time, money, and effort.

Even the basic package system has been designed for effectiveness, precision, and reliability. With the products from the website, you can be sure of finding a system that can serve you as you expect.


CASI Cubing SystemsCubiScan is the best choice if you need to minimize the high costs of shipping, and optimize the warehouse effectively. At CubiScan, you will enjoy different dimensional weighing products. Some of the products are automated to make work easier and more accurate. These products have also been designed to measure the irregular crates, cartons, and other large freight. They can be used for static and in-motion applications, so they are quite reliable.

A good number of products from CubiScan are considered leaders on the market. These products have been developed for various applications. They are mostly used in the shipping sector and packing stations. They are managed by the in-motion cubing systems for reliability, time-effectiveness, and precision.

Cornerstone Automation System Inc. (CASI)

CASI is another top company that has served the dimensional weighing industry for about thirteen years. The company is dedicated to providing highly-dependable weighing solutions for the warehouse. The products at CASI are automated for precision and they help you save time and effort as well.

CASI serves its clients with cubing systems, custom labeling, check weight systems, automated box opening, among others. It offers the in-motion system for conveyors, which are affordable, dependable, and accurate. Some of the clients that CASI serve include FedEx, DHL, and UPS. The CASI products are designed to handle cartons of various weight and size.
This company is recognized for the portable cart static cubic system and the tabletop systems that are used to measure items of different size and shape. The static cubing system is designed in different sizes to perform various functions.

These are the three companies that you can rely on when you need the right cubic and dimension weighting products. They are certified to offer top-quality products that you can use in your warehouse. They have products that help to limit the time, effort and boost accuracy.

5 Cutting-Edge Technologies Revolutionizing Warehouse Automation

As the world embraces technological innovation in many areas of life and commerce, competitive businesses are consistently searching for ways to automate their primary operations for greater efficient. For companies in logistics, warehousing, and distribution, technology is generally the break point or make point. Warehouse businesses in particular use new technology in order to remain competitive in their sector.
Warehouse Automation Technology

Businesses and organizations have accepted technology by automating many of their operations. Automation is a benefit to any business since it leaves little room for mistake, particularly along an assembly area. The business may also meet its set targets easily when it comes to production because of automation. This is unavoidable the approach to take for many of the businesses.

We are now one business that helps other companies install automated equipment into the system. You will discover quite a lot of automated machines available for logistics warehouses as well as distribution centers. A number of them include:

Sortation Systems

Sortation systems are essential warehouse automation investments for big parcels, mailers, cases and other products that go through a sorting process. Functions for sortation sorting machine systems consist of zone routing for pick and then pass application, sort-to-order, shipping sortation and carrier, reject systems and a lot more.

The following are a few examples of typical conveyor sortation items that can be found:
  • Overhead sorters: suitable for small items, flats, parcels, and cases. Common for media applications and books.
  • Pop up Sortation: A 90 degrees systems that operate in-line with ZPA roller conveyor for case and parcel sortation.
  • Pushers as well as diverts: they are for parcel sortation, handling exception, and other apps.
  • Merge conveyors: needed when products have to be consolidated for shipment.
  • High-speed systems for sortation: like shoe sorters.

Picking Systems

This picking systems order is determined by businesses based on some common factors which include: Some of them include: attribute of the item being handled, picks per order, quantity per pick, value added processing like private labeling and a lot more. A few of the available picking systems include:
  • Picking systems design
  • Order picking software
  • Warehouse robotic solutions
  • Dispensing systems

In-motion Cubing & Dimensioning Systems

In-motion cubing and dimensioning systems are utilized to automatically capture dimensions of packages, bags, boxes, and even non-cuboidal or irregular shapes. The dimensioning process is specifically vital for carrier compliance as well as legal for trade apps. Many FedEx and UPS services and most international carriers need dimensional weight calculations on some kinds of shipments. Parcels which measure or calculate over limitations set as a result of carrier's cost more to ship because of dimensional weight factors.

Dimension cubing systems can process as much as 80 parcels per minute based on the carton dimensions. This technology offers some of the advanced dimensioners and cubers used to determine parcel and package dimensions for distribution and shipping. In-motion cubing and dimensioning systems, also known as cubers and dimensioners provide one of the industry's advanced in-motion dimensioning systems for package which is an integral section of the turnkey manifest lines.

Any kind of warehouse distribution center trying to automate its process can easily sure get many items that can be useful along the way. There are a number of machines, warehouse software and automated systems that are great investments for all types of distribution-based businesses.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Peoria Area's Source for Custom Computers & IT Services

While it’s hard to find a trusted IT and computer company offering a range of products and services in central Illinois, there are a couple solid computer shops in Peoria, IL that manage to provide expert computer services combined with business IT support and consulting.
facet tech computers peoria il

Facet Technologies, Inc. (Facet Tech) together with it's family of specialized businesses throughout the central Illinois and Peoria Area, offers some of the best IT and computer solutions for both businesses and residential customers. Working with highly reputable partners in the technology industry, the company has managed to provide efficient and effective IT support, consulting, custom computers, and repair services throughout the Peoria Area.

Specialized IT Services in Peoria, IL

nerds on call Peoria computer shopFacet Tech has been providing a number of specialized IT services and solutions to the businesses and residents of Peoria, Illinois. Together with its sister company, Nerds on Call, a Peoria computer shop for custom computers and repair services), the Facet Tech family aims at providing first class computer services to all of its clients.

While Facet focuses mainly on business solutions, Nerds on Call specializes in providing services to residential customers. Some of the major services provided by Facet include:
    it support computer services peoria il
  • Business IT Support
  • Business System Sales
  • Home Automation
  • IT Consulting
  • Data Recovery Services
  • Computer Repair Services
  • Network Backups
  • On<-site IT Staffing
  • Network Security
  • Remote PC Support
  • Virus Removal
  • Web Design & Software Development

Why So Many Peoria Companies Choose Facet Tech

There's a reason why so many companies in Peoria, IL trust Facet Tech for their business computer needs and IT support solutions. Below are just a few of those reasons.

Personalized & Effective IT Solutions
it services peoria il

Facet Tech has managed to stand out among other Illinois based company by employing a team that uniquely combines creative and adaptive IT solutions.

As technology continues to evolve, the company also embraces the emerging and cutting edge technologies as well as computer systems so as to meet customer needs and provide viable solutions to client problems. With a unique business IT and consultancy solution system, solutions to every customers are tailored to their needs resulting in more satisfactory services.

Decades of Experience

Facet Tech was established in 1989 and since then, the company has been offering people of Peoria and Central Illinois with highly trusted tech computer networking, consultancy and other support services. For the several decades the company has been in operation it has succeeded in providing advanced IT support and consultancy services to a variety of businesses, institutions and organizations of all sizes. So based on their experience in the industry, they understand many aspects of technology and can offer more reliable and satisfying IT services.

Fast & Reliable Services

Whether you’ve come for assistance at their premises or have called them to provide services in your home, Facet Technologies always ensure they take care of your needs quickly. The company also employs the latest security hardware, software as well as methods to ensure your data is kept safe and secure. And what’s more, Facet’s team of experts are highly trained and friendly making communications easier for easier working and provision of reliable services.

Top Tech Company in the Peoria Area

Facet Tech still remains the top tech company in Peoria and Central Illinois when rated against other similar companies that offer computers in Peoria IL. With the state-of-the-art processes and equipment in place, the company’s services and products are second to none.

And now with Facet’s special branch Nerds on Call, residential IT support and repair services to residents of Illinois has been made easier. For those in need of office or home IT installations and support services, Facet Tech is the number one stop choice. There is not just a name, but they are the best in the business.

The address of Facet Tech is located just a few mile from the city of Peoria in Pekin, IL:
Facet Technologies, Inc.
2103 Court St.
Pekin, IL 61554