Monday, April 11, 2016

3 Advancements in Portable Truck Scale Technology

Truck scales are a basic requirement for any activity which involves the weighing of heavily loaded trucks. Examples of these activities include waste management, farming, mining and logistics. There are various types of truck scales, but portable truck scales are the most convenient. This is because portable truck scales are highly mobile, easy to use and are more economical in comparison to other types.
Portable Truck Scale Technology

Portable truck scale technology has witnessed great advances in recent years. These advances have focused on simplifying and reducing wastage of time during the weighing process.Three main areas of advancement include the design of the portable truck scales, weigh-in-motion capabilities and software integration capabilities.

Resilient Design & Composition

A truck scale is of little use if it cannot withstand the weight of heavily loaded trucks. Consequently, the advanced portable truck scales of today are designed robustly and are as strong as the permanent scales. They are built to function in extremely harsh conditions;requiring little or no maintenance, repair and calibration.
Portable Truck Scale Design

Portable truck scales are resilient and are made to withstand high pressure and weather. This is because many of these systems are built using stainless steel, which can endure harsh elements of years of use. Many of them feature weather resistant weighing pads which are designed to protect them from tough weather conditions. The manufacturers of these portable truck scales have to guarantee the safety of both the driver and the vehicle. They are therefore made using high quality components which makes them viable long term investments.

Weigh-In-Motion Capabilities

These scales also come with weigh-in-motion weighing capabilities. This makes them cost-effective and it ensures that the weighing processes are done in an optimized and efficient manner. Normally made using quartz crystal sensors, in-motion portable truck scales enable vehicles to be weighed without having to stop.
Weigh in Motion Portable Truck Scales

Some of the most advanced portable truck scale systems enable users to accurately gather weight readings while vehicles pass over the scale at slow speeds of 3 to 5 miles per hour. They have a back-lit LCD display terminal that helps the users to easily view and even print the information displayed. These scales also measure the speed and class of the vehicle. The data captured is normally very accurate and meets all the required standards of the truck scale industry.

The in-motion truck scales reduce overloading. This safeguards the road infrastructure and improves general road safety. They provide an affordable method of monitoring heavy duty trucks on the road network.

Software Integration

Portable Truck Scale Software
These portable truck scales have been designed with software integration capability. This means no data is collected manually- and it can easily be saved and analyzed in record time. Examples of data that is stored in these systems include name of the driver, model of the vehicle, time of weighing, number of total weighs and the truck’s serial number. Many systems, like the portable truck scales from Walz Scale, can be integrated with truck scale software for data analysis, tracking and ticket printing.

This software integration capability also has extra benefits. Since each process is automated, monthly bills and payment records can be easily forwarded to the drivers who use the scale. This is called load management system. This system can also be applied as a tool for advanced data analysis. The data can also be stored in the cloud and is therefore accessible anytime. Software integration eliminates the element of human labor and makes the process more efficient and economical. It also saves time since no information is manually recorded and even the driver does not have to be seen.

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