Monday, January 11, 2016

The Evolution of Cubing & Dimensioning Systems

Cubing and dimensioning systems have significantly progressed over the past several years. Now, cubing and dimensional weighing and scanning systems offer a wide array of features designed to make procedures efficient and accurate.
Cubing Systems Dimensioning

Applications of Cubing Systems

Cubing systems are used to automatically capture and record the dimensions of packages to allot the right details to the item prior to shipment. Shipping companies like FedEX and UPS make use of these dimensioning systems to best determine the cost of packages before being shipped as well as the amount of space they will be occupying in the freight. With this, companies are in the position to make good use of their facilities and ship as many packages as technology will allow based on cubing calculations.

There are currently numerous cubing systems available in the market today, each one equipped with distinct features designed to meet the specific needs of the user. Before, the weight and dimension measurements were done separately but advances nowadays have made the process much more efficient with zero need for human intervention.

Advancements in Cubing & Dimensioning Technology

So what exactly are the new cubing and dimensioning systems of today capable of doing? Below are just some of the advances business entities can take advantage of:

In-Motion Cubing & Dimensioning
In-Motion Cubing & Dimensioning

Unlike dimensional weight scanner systems of the past, perhaps the best advancement today are in-motion dimensioning systems which don’t require packages to stop in order to measure their weight and dimensions. Operating with laser-like precision, the package simply passes through the cubing unit without stopping and the unit manages to obtain all the precision needed in that split second. This helps increase the productivity of the company with no idle-time in between for readings.

Automated Carton Selection

There are also units that measure products and automatically match it with the proper package for delivery purposes. No need to waste time looking for that specific box for a particular product the cubing system can do this without any fault.

Cargo Freight Forwarding

For companies who ship internationally or even locally, dimensional weighing scales and cubing systems are capable of generating freight-ready information for quick-approval shipment. Containing weight, dimension, and even tracking numbers it would be so easy for companies to track every single package as it zooms through continents.
dimensional scanner system
This is a dynamic dimensional scanner system that determines the dimensions and weight of large pallets.

Receipt and Slot Features

Cubing systems are also equipped with the capture of tracking numbers and other information necessary to ensure that the product is well accounted for from the time it leaves the company to the time it reaches the intended recipient.

Scanning of Irregular Dimensions

Dimensioning systems are also capable of measuring products that are of irregular packaging. Cartons aren’t all in a boxed format and the system can be programmed to take into account products that are far from the typical shape and match them with proper packaging.

Installation and Integration

Cubing systems aren’t all big. In fact, many of those today are built small and may be installed to an existing conveyor belt. Incredibly easy to use, you’ll find that there are different types depending on the heaviness of your intended transactions.

Of course, those are just some of the advancements in cubing and dimensional weighing systems With constantly improving industries with an end towards efficiency, it isn’t surprising to find more cubing systems packed with additional features.

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