Monday, July 25, 2016

3 Technological Advancements in Portable Axle Scales

The recent decade has seen an acceleration in the use of portable axle scales. This has mainly been because portable axle scales are more affordable, versatile and convenient compared to the more conventional truck scales for instance steel-deck weighbridge scales.

Technological advancements in the portable weighing technology has resulted in portable axle scales being more accurate and efficient. As a result the axle scales and wheel weigher systems offer more advantages to various users. The introduction of the weighing systems has resulted in advancements in the technology and design of the portable axle scales. The portable axle scales are therefore more efficient and functional for different applications. More companies, therefore, prefer using the portable truck scales to weigh trucks.

In-Motion Weighing Capabilities

The portable truck scale systems have an added ability of performing in-motion weighing. This therefore, means that the trucks being weighed by the scale do not necessarily have to be static for the measurements to be taken. Instead, the scales are designed in such a way that the users can take the readings even when the trucks are moving over the scales at a speed of about 3-5 MPH.

Additionally, in-motion weighing of the portable axle scales saves on time and increases the convenience of using the scales. Moreover, taking the readings when the vehicle is in motion helps in capturing of all the aspects of the weighing process, resulting in more comprehensive readings. For more information about the in-motion capabilities of today's portable axle scales, visit

Stronger Components

Advancements in technology and design have resulted in the portable axle scales having stronger components. This advancement gives the weighing systems a better advantage. The systems are now made of stainless steel which is one of the strongest metals,. The strong stainless steel therefore, means that the weighing systems can withstand long periods of harsh elements and use without breaking down.

Since portable axle scales are usually exposed to places with harsh conditions, they can easily get damaged if made of weak components. However, the stainless steel ensures the scales go for many years without getting affected. Therefore, this results in optimum efficiency and reduces on the repair and replacement cost.

Low-Profile Design

Another advancement on the portable axle scales is having a low profile design. As a result, the need for digging small trenches in order to construct the scales is eliminated. This means the weighing scales can be used just by setting them on the right places. As a result, convenience is increased, because there is no restriction to the place they can be used. Elimination of the need to dig trenches also saves on time and energy.
Low Profile Portable Axle Scales

Ongoing Progression in Portable Axle Scales

In conclusion, the above technological and design advancements of these portable truck weighing systems is so that the users can use the systems more interactively. The improvements therefore, make the scales easier to operate and provide more accurate results, that is more efficiency and accuracy.

Although most of the improvements have been added gradually, all scales making companies ensure that the scales come with all these modern enhancements. It is advisable, to ensure that before purchasing the portable axle scales, that all the modern advancements and innovations are incorporated in them for better results.

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